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Established in 1998, Bejing Zhongrui Law Firm is a full-service law firm. The firm has a total of more than eighty staff, including sixty lawyers, of whom around half have more than ten years of experience of legal practice. More than twenty of our lawyers have educational or working background in interdisciplines such as science and technology, economics, and management. All lawyers in Zhongrui have undergone education or professional training in law in renowned universities in China and/or abroad; half have obtained master’s or doctor’s degrees; a few have practised law outside the mainland of China. Zhongrui attaches great importance to the cultivation of our lawyers and professionals, and thus has sent quite a few lawyers to countries such as the U.S.A. and the U.K. to do research and further study. For the sake of continuing legal education of our lawyers in legal theory as well as practice, the firm systematically engages eminent professionals, scholars and public servants from juridical circles to give lectures in our office.
Zhongrui has a deep interest in the processes of economic reform and development of rule of law in China as well as the far-reaching changes brought about by technological innovation in economy, social life and law, and our firm researches and participates in the formulation of policies, criteria and standards for relevant industries. Therefore, Zhongrui has a profound understanding of the legal system of China, and is proficient in the skills of handling legal affairs on this basis. Zhongrui keeps itself informed about changes in international politics, economics, law and culture, and proactively participates in the aspects of economic globalization.
Through over 10 years of steady development, Zhongrui Law Firm has established stable relationships with wide-ranging circles in society, won the trust of numerous customers, and gained a good reputation in the industry. In the last ten years, the business of Zhongrui has kept expanding and deepening, covering most legal service areas such as finance, banking, corporate, securities, real estate and project construction, intellectual property, energy sources and infrastructure, litigation and arbitration. In business areas where it has traditionally been strong, such as finance, banking, corporate, securities, litigation and arbitration, Zhongrui’s achievements have been remarkable, including having the courage to develop zero-risk representation for our clients.
Zhongrui Law firm has a good working environment and is equipped with state-of-the-art computer networks and other office systems. The firm has developed and operates a whole set of law office management software and established a backup guarantee system to provide high-quality and effective legal services for its clients.

To provide high-standard legal services is the unswerving target of our people. In order to target this into self-conscious action, by virtue of positive efforts to improve themselves our people have raised their consciousness and level of services, intensified our solidarity and increased our core competitiveness, and have formed our own unique culture, which can be epitomized in the slogans: “generosity”, “whole-heartedness” “innovation” and “perseverance”. These ideals are orientations as well as images. It is certain that Zhongrui will keep developing under the influence of these unique slogans and ideals.
Generosity means being willing to do things for others. Zhongrui pursues the trust of its clients and considers the client’s trust an honor. Once trusted by others, we should serve them heart and soul. Zhongrui people always make the client’s interest their top priority and do their best to maximize that interest. Zhongrui people care less for how much they gain than for the client’s recognition and satisfaction, which is their greatest gain, and the client’s trust is their most valuable wealth and honor.
To work whole-heartedly is a solemn promise made by Zhongrui to its clients as well as the unwavering attitude of our people. The staff of Zhongrui do not work for the work itself, but for their career. Our staff love their career. Each assignment from a client is an integral part of the career of staff in Zhongrui, who will put their heart and soul into completing the work.
Our staff are familiar with the client’s requirements relating to law. Therefore, we place the emphasis of our work on the pursuit of effectiveness and pursue the actual interests of the client. Our staff sufficiently realize that only when we keep conducting innovation in thought can we serve our clients effectively and continually create new opportunities for our work. Accordingly our staff constantly initiate new ways of thinking and conduct innovation and develop new methods, and thus have settled problems for numerous clients.
The road to realizing our clients’ legal rights and succeeding in business is not always smooth. Therefore, Zhongrui has tried to inculcate the attitude of perseverance in our staff, who keep the rule of law in heart and maintain a progressive spirit. We never give up easily but always seek innovation and change instead, making every effort to maintain the legal rights and interests that the clients should enjoy and doing our best to help them achieve their own targets. As we forge ahead unflaggingly with our clients, our people sincerely share the happiness of success with the clients.

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