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Finance and Insurance  

Finance and Insurance is one of the practice areas of Zhongrui in which has the
strongest core competitiveness. In line with the process of commercialization of banks
and the all-round opening of financial markets, professional legal services relating to
finance have gradually become an important practice area for Chinese lawyers. From the
early 1980s*, lawyers who now work with Zhongrui began to provide finance-related legal
services, with numerous lawyers concentrating on the research of the legal aspects of
finance and insurance and accumulating rich experience in the process of providing professional legal services for financial and insurance institutions. On the basis of this long experience Zhongrui is able to provide multi-dimensional legal services of high quality for both domestic and overseas clients.

Acting as legal advisor for insurance companies; drafting, reviewing and amending
insurance contracts and other legal documents;

Representing the policyholder in planning insurance schemes, signing insurance
contracts, and handling legal matters work arising in the process of performance of contracts;

Participating in the design of investment schemes for appreciating insurance funds; drafting, reviewing and amending the relevant legal documents;
Representing clients in legal matters such as arbitration and litigation in insurance claims;

Acting as a trustee, acting as regular or special legal advisor for trust companies
and mutual fund companies, providing legal services for finance or trust companies and
mutual fund companies, including trust services such as equity trust plans, trust funds,
investment trust funds, management stock options, etc. and providing legal services for business such as issuance of mutual funds.

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